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We have currently met our maximum number of Picklefest players.  Therefore, we have opened a waiting list.

1) Click here to join the waiting list.  As currently registered players identify partners, there is a good chance we'll be confirming waitlisted players.  We will e-mail you when you are confirmed.

2) ONCE you are confirmed, click here for a pdf copy of the liability release form required by Maine Pines (or click here for Microsoft Word format).   Please print out this form, sign it, and text a picture of it to us at 207-619-4525 or e-mail to

3) ONCE you are confirmed, use a credit card or your PayPal account for your entry fee: $40 for one event (MD, WD, or MX), $50 for two events.  Your entry fee will help feed needy kids this summer!

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Click here to pay $40 for one event -->

Click here to pay $50 for two events -->

Click here to pay $10 to change from one to two events                                -->

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