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2019 Schedule and Frequently asked Questions

To find out which bracket you are in, click on one of the "Player List" buttons.

Once you know your bracket, click the "Court Schedule" button to find when and where your bracket plays.

After the tournament, we'll publish results here as well. 


Frequently Asked Questions (significantly different from last year appears in red.)

  1. How do we find someone to help with a question or problem during the tournament?

    • Volunteers will be wearing yellow Picklefest tee shirts. 

  2. What kind of balls are we using?​

    • Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Yellow Balls.​

  3. How are the medals determined?

    • Our first determination is by the number of games won.  If there is a tie, it will be broken using head-to-head comparisons.  If there is still a tie, we will consider the total number of points won by each team.  Believe it or not, there can still be a 3-day tie, so in this case, we will simply award multiple medals.​  For example, in a singles match, Rocky, Boris and Bullwinkle all win 4 games.  Rocky defeated Boris, Boris defeated Bullwinkle, and Bullwinkle defeated Rocky.  So there is no clear winner in the head-to-head contest.  Also, all three players (or teams) scored 90 total points.  All three teams win gold!  Please don't do this on purpose; we are not buying enough medals to award multiple golds in each bracket.  Based on player feedback, this is different from last year.

  4. What time should I arrive at Maine Pines (and Pegasus, if I am playing singles)?

    • Please arrive at least half an hour before your play is scheduled to begin.

  5. Thank you for not making me write my name on every raffle ticket in 2018.  Will you be doing it the same way this year?

    • Yes!  We hand you half of each ticket, and post the winning numbers!  No paperwork for you!​  You can buy 200 tickets!  We're going to concentrate this year on more pickleball-relevant raffle items, as well as a 50/50 cash giveaway each day.

  6. Should we bring extra chairs?

    • There is a viewing area upstairs with couches and chairs, but you can also sit along the sides of the courts, and while there are a few benches available, bringing your own folding chair, one with feet that won't hurt the court surfaces, is not a bad idea.  Toss them in the back of the car, and if you need them, you'll be glad you did.

  7. If I am in the lobby and I need to get to court 12 in a hurry, can I just run between courts, along the line of tennis nets to get there instead of around the outside of the curtain?

    • No

  8. Where are food and drink allowed at Maine Pines?  Where are food and water allowed at Pegasus on Friday?

    • Maine Pines: Not on the courts.  Sorry.  We want to be invited back.  Plain water is allowed on the courts, and available free from the water fountain.

    • Pegasus: Anywhere, but try not to be too messy.  Cold water will be available in coolers near the courts.

  9. Is there a dress or paddle code?

    • No, but please don't match the color of the Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Yellow Balls with your clothes.  Paddles should conform to USAPA standards.

  10. What if I don't know what Bracket I'm in?  What's this "WD 3.5 B" thing?

    • The list of brackets is published above in the player list, which will be printed and posted on the wall near check-in.  The "A", "B", etc., sub-brackets are how we break up the larger brackets into a size manageable for round robin play, and are initially divided by age, "A" being the youngest, but we reserve the right to place players we consider exceptional for their bracket into "younger" sub-brackets.  Each sub-bracket will be awarded its own medals.​  We are considering playoffs between some sub-brackets, but will have to see whether the schedule allows for them.

  11. Do we have referees?

    • No.  We have scorekeepers, one for each sub-bracket, who will tell you which courts to play on for each round and when to start the game.

  12. What if we have a dispute over a point, or a rule?
    • Ask your scorekeeper, who will call one of our Dispute Coordinators if necessary.​
  13. Do we have to wear first-server bracelets?
    • YES.  This is different from last year.  First server wristbands help you keep track of your score and keep track of where you should be standing to serve and receive.  These are provided for players, and will be in the bins at each court.​
  14. Do we get breaks between games?
    • We will allow 3 minutes of warm-up before the first game of each session, and 2 minutes between games.​  If you are late arriving for your match, and the scorekeeper cannot find you, you will forfeit your match.  If you have an odd number of players in your sub-bracket, you will get one bye during your session.
  15. How many points are in each game and match?

    • Unless the scorekeepers tell you otherwise, each match will consist of one game to 15 points, win by 1.​  

  16. How do we choose a starting side and serving team?

    • This is best explained with an example: Hermione and Ron are playing mixed doubles against ​Meghan and Harry.  Hermione (picked randomly) puts her hand behind her back, and holds up either 1 or 2 fingers.  Meghan stands behind Hermione in view of Hermione's hand while Harry guesses, 1 or 2.  In this example, Harry is correct.  Harry and Meghan get to pick "side or serve", and pick "serve", so Hermione and Ron will pick "side".   Harry and Meghan choose to receive.  Hermione and Ron choose the side by the curtain.

    • Exception: if you are playing the same opponent for the second time, the team that did not choose side/serve in the first game should be given the option to choose in the second game.

  17. Do we switch sides during the game?

    • That's up to the teams.  In games to 15, if you decide to switch sides, do so when the team in the lead reaches 8 points.​​

  18. Can we use empty courts to warm up?​

    • ​Yes, ​but please be courteous of games in session.

  19. How about Spectators?​

    • Spectators are welcome.  We have a nice big viewing area upstairs, with a good view of courts 1-4, maybe 5 and 6.   They can also join you on the courts.  There is some seating, but you might want to bring extra chairs (make sure they have plastic feet so they won't hurt the courts).

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