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Court Schedules

The schedule provided below includes the Courts that Midcoast Maine Pickleball ​manage and maintain (Pegasus and Neptune) as well as dedicated time for Midcoast Maine Pickleball at the new MARC courts.  The document also includes information on pickleball levels and contact information for player groups on the schedule.


You MUST be a member of Midcoast Maine Pickleball to use the Pegasus and Neptune Courts as well as the dedicated time at the MARC courts (please wear your wristbands when playing on these courts).

2024 Schedule (starting June 24, 2024)

Frequently asked questions

1.  Does our current membership cover access to all listed courts?

Yes…the $50 annual membership covers unlimited access to all three court complexes (year around and when open, note the specific access hours at the new MARC complex). Members will have to wear their green wrist band when playing on all courts to indicate membership.


2.  What does our access to the new MARC (Rec Center) courts mean for MMP members?

The MMP Club has signed a rental agreement with the Rec Center to have access to four courts from 8AM-12PM and then again from 4PM-8PM on weekdays. Club members have exclusive access to four courts during those times and will monitor and control play with our usual proper etiquette and friendly social demeanor. The MMP Board and schedule sub-committee have published a three-court complex schedule that will provide organized opportunities for everyone to play on the new courts at least once a week based on your level of play.

3.  I am not sure what level of play I am…where can I find out?

The Club has provided general self-evaluation guidelines for level of ratings.  They are broad brush but well thought out. These categories are the foundation of our scheduling blocks for time on the MARC courts to ensure it is a competitive but fun session for you to play with similarly skilled players and friends. To best understand the schedule, first determine what skill level you and your close friends comfortably fit into, then look at all three schedules to see where and when there is court availability.


4.  I want to play on the MARC courts during my scheduled time…how is it different?

To start…park right in the parking lot next to the courts. You can enter the center walkway from either side of the complex. The courts can be conveniently accessed from the walkway without disturbing play in other court quadrants. We are hoping there remains a tent up on the eastside of the courts with benches and a sitting area. The Rec Center Staff are still working out player gathering areas, paddle line placement and where players can hang their paddle bags. Bear with the soft opening and make polite suggestions to the Board and or Rec Center Staff as appropriate. There should be a port-a-potty close to the courts. Finally, bring your own balls for now as MMP and the Rec Center are not providing them currently. MMP uses Diadem Official pickleballs and/or Franklin X-40 balls for play at Pegasus if you want to purchase similar balls. Finally, be patient with the Rec Staff as they are learning how to administer a new and large court complex.


5.  On the schedule, I see some time blocks where I would like to play that have“Open” or are marked as “Sign-up” with a Coordinator person listed…what does that mean? 

These time blocks are mostly seen on the MARC and Neptune because of the limited courts available and to prevent overcrowding. If it says “Open” then consider it open play with a paddle line. If there is a coordinator listed, then they are supervising a qualified players list and an App or email sign up to maintain a healthy number of players. For example, if four courts are available then total sign up on the App would 16 + 8 (24) for the session (+2 per court waiting). We will see how demand and wait time work out and adjust the +2 number later in the summer. The bottom line…contact the coordinator for qualification and the App code/sign up email.


6.  I am interested in pickleball lessons or drill periods and see it on the schedule…how do I sign up?

Right now, we have three beginner and intermediate instructors interested in teaching this summer. We are also working with an advanced 4+ level instructor for high level drill and Ladder play. The exact schedule is TBD as we work out all the immediate scheduling activities but stay tuned and contact john Coray ( if interested and as soon as we have a definitive summer plan, we will publish and have formal sign ups.


7.  I have guests coming to visit and I would like to invite them to play on our club courts…how do I do this?

As members you are welcome to bring guests to “Open Play” events and have them join the paddle line. We have GL insurance for guests. If the guests are going to play two or more times, the Club’s standing policy is pay $10 to help support the GL insurance payment and court maintenance. It is easiest to do this online and send an email to the President/Vice President and give us a heads up so we too can welcome them to our courts and open play.


8.  Refresh my memory on when to wear the new green wrist bands?

Wear your wrist bands…Now…Now…Now on all courts!!!! The wrist band identifies you as a Club member covered under our GL insurance policy. This is very important as we lease Pegasus and Neptune courts from HOA’s and apartment complexes. They are private courts available only to members and tenants. The wrist band helps us maintain this integrity in our management. We also have a MARC court exclusive rental agreement in which the wrist band allows you to play during our Club rental times.


9.  I see players playing without wristbands, and I do not recognize them…what should I do?

The correct and neighborly action is to query them and politely tell them that these are private courts for the Club members and tenants. If they desire to play and are not guests…they can walk over to the MARC courts and check-in and rent tournament level courts right away. We will continue to address the signage and get the word out. We understand that as club members you are not court police but politely articulating the rules and pointing to the MARC courts (Rec Center) gives us all a happy alternative to tell non-members where to play. As always, help remind players not to park in the apartment complex lot and of course no alcohol or tobacco use is permitted on any of the courts.

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