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Are you sore after playing Pickleball? Stressed during competition? Want to improve your quickness, agility and endurance?


Hi, my name is Chloë Rowse and I offer in-your-home, personalized yoga instruction (all levels) for active adults.


I am excited to offer private Vinyasa flow yoga – just for pickleball players!  Try it once, and invite your friends!


Yoga can help you get stronger, more flexible, and increase your balance, while reducing stress, calming your mind, and improving injury prevention and recovery.   Yoga will enhance your focus and sense of calm in stressful situations, both on and off the court.  The more inflexible you are, the more you can benefit from yoga!


If you are interested in learning more about personalized yoga instruction, please let me know! 


Thank you!


Chloë Rowse

Certified Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher


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